**Schedule for June 2016**

Mon. - 4:40pm-Zumba®

Mon. -5:50pm- (13th & 27th)-Combo Class-Strength & Zumba®(mat)

5:50pm-(6th & 20th)-Zumba®

Tues.-4:40pm-PiYo (Sign up class & mat) / 5:50pm-Cardio/Tone & Zumba® (mat)

Wed. - 4:15pm-Zumba®

Thurs. - 4:40pm-Combo Class-Strength & Zumba® (mat)/ 5:50pm-Zumba®

Sat. - 9:00am-Zumba®

*Additional Class Information*

*Combo Classes - 1/2 body weight exercises to tone the body (Arms/Abs or Legs/Core) and 1/2 Zumba.  (need a mat)

**PiYo -is a "sign up" class. This means you will need to contact me to sign up for this class by email, FB message, FB Page or some how contact me. This will decide if the class is on or off. I will post each week on FB by 3pm if I'm having the class. You, of course, can still come if I'm having the class and you didn't get a chance to contact me.

**Throw Back Thursday (Wed & Sat. too)- Wed. (6/8), Thurs. (6/16), Sat. (6/25) we will "Throw Back" and play old songs (old songs meaning ones I've previously done, but don't usually do now)


**For more information about other classes see my other website:**



Zumba® Fitness

Latin inspired, dance, cardio class. the most fun you can have working out.

Zumba® Fitness w/ Sandy

**See our "Success Stories" page - Stories about some of the girls in our classes!!**